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Thanks for the update! It worked wonderfully. Truth be told, I had been trying Turbo Lister lately and really missed the smoothness and functionality of Listomax. I am fully back to Listomax as of tonight.
eBay ID: royalttreasures

I'm a new guy and I really have to tell you I think you have done a remarkable job here. You have put together a very logical, no nonsense, user friendly program that makes posting more of a joy than a chore. I have been away from eBay for the most part for 3 years but prior to that I used Auctiva, I always thought that when I returned to eBay I would just continue with that system ....that is until I found ListoMax!

Three Cheers for the two of you!
eBay ID: geobensing
Before discovering Listomax, I tried about 10 different third party listing programs plus Turbo Lister and Selling Manager Pro. They were very time consuming, difficult to learn, or were lacking in essential needs. With one program when I wrote about a problem, I was informed I should try their new service where they could sell my items.

Listomax works best with Vista of all the programs. It is simple and user friendly. More importantly, even though you pay $99 for the program lifetime, Phil is continually updating and keeping up with the listing changes that eBay makes. When you write for help, you get immediate support; higher quality support than eBay gives and the support that most third party software sellers FAIL to give.

I started using Listomax actively around April 2008 and by July 2008, my store, Hope Gems, was awarded PowerSeller status. Listomax is a material part of that achievement. Need I say more?

Debi Johnson
Hope Gems
eBay ID: swarovski-by-debbay
Being able to use Listomax and it's simple, straightforward fee structure, has really minimized the impact of eBay's increased fees. The program itself has been so easy to set up and get going.  It steps you through the process so nothing is forgotten. Having it remember to put in all those important, repeat statements and terms up front on the listing has been something my customers appreciate as well.  With all the changes in post office rates, it's been really great the way Listomax makes it so straightforward to view and keep all my the terms and conditions on all my listings up to date.  Best of all, the look of my listings is so much better than the black and white of TurboLister, all without the additional costs TurboLister adds. It has all translated to a greater number of sales at better final pricing.  I love the picture manager - being able to load pictures, then reorganize and even change the gallery shot with just a mouse click or two is excellent.  You couldn't ask for a more responsive company. Sometimes I've felt like I have my own programmers (or mind readers) They are constantly adding features and functions that I didn't know I needed until they made them so easy to use.  Listomax really does maximize the effectiveness of my listings.  Thank you,
eBay ID: Aunteri
I can't imagine going back to TurboLister.  Listomax picture management capabilities are so good.  Being able to list as many views of items as I want, without additional charges, has made items in my eBay Store listings so much more sell-able.  Listomax is so simple to use, I was up and running in no time.  The reports and ability to hold on to history has giving great insights to who my repeat customers are, and what they buy. Something I never got from TurboLister.  The cost benefits have been terrific!!"
eBay ID: Auntieqvintage
"Listomax has been an invaluable tool for me.  Iím a vintage clothes and costume storeowner.  Most of the year Iím incredibly busy, but there are short pockets of relative inactivity.  Listomax is the only program Iíve found that retains all my listing history for unlimited time.  I can pick up where I left off weeks or months before and all my information is instantly accessible for re-listing.  The program is easy and comprehensible for a computer novice like me, yet it showcases my Ebay listings as if I was a professional."
eBay ID: Esmirelda88
"I'm an eBay PowerSeller and have been paying around $35 a month to Vendio for their eBay auction manager and listing tool for several years. I had the opportunity to Beta test Listomax and have been using it for over 2 years now. It is a fabulous tool, fulfilling all my special needs at no extra cost. It is super fast because there is no downloading to the web. I can do lots of things I had to pay extra for at Vendio, like revise live or a showcase gallery of my items. It keeps all my information forever, so I can go back to things I didn't sell months ago and my listings will still be there, waiting for me to relist. It also keeps all my info on my buyers forever in one easy to access place. I can't say enough about this great new listing tool. It is by far the best on the market!"
eBay ID: laceandlinen
This is the greatest program to use for listing your items to sell on eBay! It is hassle free and no charge for any additional photos you want to include. I especially like the listing page that has the status, start price, number of hits, number of watchers, end time, duration, etc., which easily helps to keep tabs on my items listed. The inventory page helps me to easily relist an item if it is not sold. It is the only way I will list my items for sale. I call it the ultimate listing machine! Thank you so much for such a useful listing tool."
eBay ID: steffanne_insb
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