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Frequently Asked Questions


How long is my information kept?
Your information is kept permanently within Listomax on your own computer.
Do I have to be registered on eBay to use Listomax?
Yes, though you will be offered the opportunity to register on eBay when you first sign on with Listomax.
Do I need any special equipment to use Listomax?
You will need a digital camera (see our photo tips) and a computer running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
Where does my data live?
See the page on moving data. Your images also live here, but when you list an item, they are sent to the Listomax image server. This allows them to be available even if you close Listomax.
I can't list anymore because Listomax keeps asking me to grant permission.
For Listomax to list your items, it needs permission from eBay. This permission only lasts for 18 months, and after that, eBay requires you to grant permission again. See the authorization and re-authorization help pages for full details.
I have a problem using Listomax.
The best way to report this is through the Listomax program. Choose Menu > Help > Send Error Report, then describe the problem you are having and click OK. It will send diagnostic information to tech support that helps identify the problem. In the rare event that Listomax will not start, there is a separate support program that performs various maintenance operations, including sending an error report.


I scheduled a listing for later, and now I want to change the time it lists.
Select the item, then choose "List Item". Click the second button, "Schedule", then choose the amended date and time.
It would Be handy to have a place to put the price I'm planning to start with before I actually have to list the auction, and a place for comments.
Prices are saved with the listing, rather than with the inventory item. This is so that if you have a history of unsold listings for an item, you can see the listing price for each one. However, you can add notes to the inventory items. First choose Menu > View Level > Normal. This adds several tabs to the Options dialog. Then Menu > View > Options > Inventory will show 3 check boxes which add extra private fields. They do not show in listings in any way. Although they are described as being for size, condition and location, you can use these fields for any purpose you wish.

Alternatively, you can start to list, filling in all the details — price, duration, category, weight, shipping details etc. At the last page of the listing wizard, choose "Save for listing later". When you are ready to list this item you can list normally or use "Quick list", which will list immediately without requiring further input.
Where can I get a list of eBay's fees?
See this eBay help page for details of eBay fees. They're a little complex on first reading, but you'll soon get the hang of it.

When listing an item, Listomax shows the listing fees on the last page of the listing wizard.
How do I arrange for Local Pickup?
A user writes:
Hi, I have been having problems when I choose to list something with no shipping local pick-up only. Listomax clearly gives me the no shipping option which should refer potential buyers to the item description for details. This does not work. When I choose this option, it still gives shipping options in the listing. Please either fix this or provide a workaround. This is causing big problems when someone wants me to ship a pool table for $5.
The checkbox "Check this if shipping from outside U.S." also sends shipping details. This has to be done because eBay does not allow an item to be listed unless domestic shipping details are sent. Pretty misleading for the buyer, but there you go.

Instead, you need to select "Flat rate" on the "Domestic:" tab, choose "Local Pickup" as the only service, and add a flat rate cost of $0.
I keep getting Error 240 when trying to list
Error 240 is a hard one to resolve, as eBay reports many different restrictions under this error.
  • You've never sold anything on eBay before. You will have to list your first item through your eBay account. This is a limitation imposed by eBay.
  • Mentioning designer brand names such as Coach or Hermés.
  • Mention of paper payments (money orders, cashiers checks, personal checks, etc.) Look for this both in your listing description and in your standard policies. (Go to Menu > View > Options > Policies to view and change these policies.).
  • Including an email address anywhere in your listing.
  • Additionally, eBay has limits on eBay sellers that can affect the ability to list.
  • Your Buyer Protection Plan may not be set up correctly.
  • Your Reimbursement Payment Method may not be set up.
  • A user reports this was caused by references to unpaid item strikes.
Be sure to check For more details on these limitations, look on these pages:
  • Search manipulation goes into much detail on what is and is not allowed with respect to brand names, categories, item details, keyword spamming, pictures, text, titles and duplicate listings.
  • Selling limits describes eBay limits on sellers.
  • This page also gives a list of possible reasons.
How do I change my PayPal email address?
A user writes:
When I do a new listing and get to the section "Give Payment Options", the Email address automatically fills in. Where is this data loaded? Mine has my old Email address and the PayPal Payment Notifications go to an obsolete address.
When you list or relist an item, just change the PayPal address on the payments page. Listomax will remember the new email address and use it for all subsequent listings. You may need to change the address in PayPal, too.
Can I list multiple items in one operation?
Yes; see our Bulk Listing page for details.
Will eBay's forthcoming active content ban affect Listomax?
In June 2017, eBay will ban active content from its listings. This refers to JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins and form actions. Listomax does not use active content in its templates, and nothing will change after the June 2017 deadline.


What templates are available?
The current templates can be seen here.
How do I change the template (the look of my listings)?
The template can be changed in Options. Click the Template tab.
I want to make Listomax remember the template.
In Menu > View > Options > Templates, uncheck the checkbox "When relisting, use the above template...". Alternatively, if you use one template all the time, you can instead select that template in options and it will always be used when listing. This is useful if you want to switch to a different look for all your listings without having to adjust each listing.
Are there any other templates available?
The templates shown here are all that are available at present. We add templates every so often.
I would like to insert code into my auctions, HTML/Javascript etc.  Will Listomax accept HTML when editing an inventory item?  Or will it just post it as viewable text in the listing.  If so, any workarounds?
You cannot add it directly.  Instead, do this:
  1. Menu > View > Level > Normal. This adds some extra tabs to Options.
  2. Menu > View > Options > HTML. This allows you to associate HTML with keywords which can later be inserted into listings.
For Javascript or HTML that appears in all your listings, you could also customize a template, see below.
Can I change the templates?
Yes, though you need HTML and general computer skills. See the templates page for full details.
How do I make the numbers disappear that appear next to my pictures in parenthesis? (e.g. #23, etc)?
If you have moderate computer skills, you can remove (#23) etc., which is the inventory number, by editing the template. See the templates page for general editing details. Find (#$(STOCK_ID)) in the template, and delete it.


How many pictures can I have?
You can add as many pictures as you like to an individual listing. Your eBay fees will be the same however many pictures you use. We have recently increased the number of pictures at once across all your eBay listings from 1,200 to 3,600.
Why are extra pictures free?
Because they are on the Listomax server, not on eBay's server.
Where are the pictures kept?
When you first add pictures to an inventory item, Listomax copies the picture to its own folder. When you list an item, the picture is reduced in size, then uploaded to a special Listomax server, where it remains for 60 days. If you list something from more than 60 days ago, the pictures are automatically uploaded again.
How can I host my own pictures?
Way back in the past, when dinosaurs still ruled the earth and Listomax was still an in-house program, we pondered how we would guide our future customers through the intricacies of setting up an image hosting site correctly. Then the inspiration struck: we would manage our own hosting!

These days we still don't want to get into the hand-holding and remote problem-solving of FTP sites, but we do make this option available, and are happy to point people in the right direction.
  1. Choose Menu > View > Level > Normal. This adds extra tabs to Options.
  2. Choose Menu > View > Options.
  3. Choose the FTP tab.
  4. Fill out the fields for FTP access.
  5. Check that it works by right-clicking on an inventory item, choosing "Upload Images for Item", then looking for them on your FTP host.
We suggest that you practise with an FTP client like FileZilla to get the values for step 4 correct. The trick is that the address (the URL) is often different for upload (FTP) and download (HTTP).


Do I need to uninstall Listomax before installing a newer version?
Will my data be saved if I upgrade to a later version?
I've bought a new computer. How can I move my Listomax data to the new machine?
See our help page Moving Listomax to a New Machine.

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