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Learn more about Listomax

Listing — Fast and Simple
This listing and inventory tool makes it very fast and easy to sell on eBay. It is especially designed for the newcomer and it has all the features for more experienced sellers as well. Listomax is set up to be self contained and self explanatory. It has everything you will need to just sit down at your computer and begin listing. You do not have to have anything but very basic computer skills to use it and before you know it you will be happily selling on eBay!
One-time Charge — No Monthly Fees
The great thing with Listomax is it is a one time charge, not an ongoing cost. After you have registered it, you are free to list whenever you want to without worrying about any monthly costs! At the low price of $99, you will have spent less than the cheapest service available ($9.95 a month) after just ten months! Yes there are a few services which are free at this time. However it is well documented that free services begin to charge as soon as they have a big enough client base. Once this happens, you will need to start paying or lose all your data from your previous listings with this Ďfree serviceí. Why take the chance, when for a one time very reasonable fee, you will never have to worry about losing your data again. Listomax stores all your listing and buyer information forever.
Image Hosting is Free for the First Year
Image hosting is free with Listomax for the first year, and then can be renewed for the low price of only $49 per year, or you can provide your own FTP image hosting.
Works From Your Own Computer
Listomax works right from your own computer. This makes for much faster listings, because the photos are added almost instantly and donít have to be downloaded to a web site like web based subscription listing tools. You donít need to make note of the numbers for your photos like you do on other services as you can see them right in your browser. The photos are automatically reduced to a usable size as you are selecting them by Listomax which cuts your listing time enormously. Listomax has its own photo editor and you can crop, rotate and edit photos in the process of doing your listings.
Keeps Data Forever
The advantages of having this eBay listing tool instead of a web based tool are enormous. With Listomax, you will be able to keep indefinitely all your data, your descriptions etc. from each of your listings or stock descriptions, as well as all buyer contact information. Most subscription listing services even eBay itself, all limit the data retrieval to 60 days. After that, you lose all your info and photos. Not with Listomax!! Your descriptions, stock items and listed items (sold, unsold, listed, unlisted) and buyer info stay permanently available to you.
List When you Want
Whether you are new at listing or a regular seller, there are always weeks where you wonít be listing or will be only listing a bit. With the subscription services, you have to pay the monthly fees whether you list or not. Many start-up sellers on eBay, as well as regulars, donít want to list all the time. With Listomax you set your own times for listing; whether you list or not, there are never any fees.
Multiple Users
Once you have registered with Listomax, you can have multiple users (eBay IDs) all on the same computer. Some people have more than one seller ID or have family members or roommates who also want to sell. With your registered copy of Listomax, you can manage several seller IDs. The only extra charge is for additional photo image hosting.
When you relist, more than once, Listomax will set it up as a new listing so that every other relist can be free if the item sells. Other services do not do this but set it up as a relist only once, causing you to have to pay the fees each time thereafter.
Schedule Listings Free
You can schedule your listings at specific times without extra fees.
Free Templates
Listomax offers a variety of free templates for your listings.


  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • An eBay account
  • A digital camera capable of providing JPG images
  • A card reader or cable to transfer the images to your computer

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