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LISTOMAX 4.00 03/31/22

No changes.

LISTOMAX 4.00 beta 3 03/21/22

Use unicode not string in category specifics namevalues.

LISTOMAX 4.00 beta 3 03/19/22

Handle semidbm files correctly.
Handle case of user not authorizing.

LISTOMAX 4.00 beta 2 03/19/22

Change spellcheck to not include punctuation.

LISTOMAX 4.00 beta 1 03/17/22

Upgrade to Python 2.7.
Handle TLS 1.2.
Change spell checker.
Use cx_Freeze instead of pyinstaller.
Remove hit counter as it is no longer supported by eBay.

LISTOMAX 3.51 02/11/22

No change.

LISTOMAX 3.51 beta 1 02/04/22

Handle OAuth for new users.

LISTOMAX 3.50 01/27/22

No changes.

LISTOMAX 3.50 beta 3 01/26/22

Handle OAuth for existing users.

LISTOMAX 3.50 beta 2 01/25/22

Modify item specifics to work with changed eBay API.

LISTOMAX 3.50 beta 1 04/29/21

View -> Level was not refreshing the menu.
Hide all payment options when using managed payments.

LISTOMAX 3.49 02/26/21

Fix problem relisting "pickup only" item for US and UK sites.

LISTOMAX 3.48 02/14/21

No changes.

LISTOMAX 3.48 beta 3 01/13/21

Support quicklist with managed payments.

LISTOMAX 3.48 beta 2 12/20/20

Implementation of eBay Payments Program.

LISTOMAX 3.48 beta 1 12/15/20

Partial implementation of eBay Payments Program.

LISTOMAX 3.47 10/07/20

Update code signing certificate.

LISTOMAX 3.47 beta 3 04/13/20

Remove supersized image links even when populated.

LISTOMAX 3.47 beta 2 04/13/20

Remove supersized image links completely, even though empty link should qualify.

LISTOMAX 3.47 beta 1 03/24/20

Support local pickup only on US and UK sites.

LISTOMAX 3.46 03/08/20

Remove supersized images from description again.

LISTOMAX 3.46 beta 5 02/22/20

Hack to handle eBay's omission of store listing durations.

LISTOMAX 3.46 beta 4 02/06/20

Allow export of saved items.
Improve reporting for inventory export.

LISTOMAX 3.46 beta 3 01/24/20

Fix support program.

LISTOMAX 3.46 beta 2 01/04/20

For quicklist, pick up title and description changes made to inventory item.

LISTOMAX 3.46 beta 1 12/07/19

Hack out Listomax third-party provider credit.
InternationalInsuranceDetails.InsuranceOption is no longer offered by eBay.

LISTOMAX 3.45 12/03/19

Handle export cancellation correctly.

LISTOMAX 3.44 12/02/19

No changes.

LISTOMAX 3.44 beta 5 11/20/19

Update eBay compatibility level.

LISTOMAX 3.44 beta 4 11/05/19

Cannot combine Buy It Now and Best Offer.

LISTOMAX 3.44 beta 3 11/03/19

Allow best offer on all types of listings.

LISTOMAX 3.44 beta 2 10/13/19

Revert 3.44.1 changes to supersized images.
Make gallery image open in new tab to conform with eBay requirement.

LISTOMAX 3.44 beta 1 10/03/19

Minor changes from http to to https.
Remove supersized images as eBay no longer supports external links.

LISTOMAX 3.43 08/24/19

Remove retired payment options Skrill (Moneybookers), ProPay, And Paymate.

LISTOMAX 3.43 beta 5 04/04/19

Remove external link from logo.

LISTOMAX 3.43 beta 4 03/26/19

Remove supersized gallery as eBay no longer supports external links.

LISTOMAX 3.43 beta 3 03/20/19

Add authorization diagnosics.

LISTOMAX 3.43 beta 2 03/17/19

Add authorization diagnosics.

LISTOMAX 3.43 beta 1 03/02/19

Handle missing listing without locking DB.

LISTOMAX 3.42 01/03/19

Tweak code UI of fix images.

LISTOMAX 3.42 beta 5 12/28/18

Place fix image results in clipboaard.

LISTOMAX 3.42 beta 4 12/28/18

Make stock titles more visible.
Refuse to list an item when EPS (eBay Picture Services) fails.
Add method of fixing broken images.

LISTOMAX 3.42 beta 3 08/09/18

Fix problem with unicode in categories.

LISTOMAX 3.42 beta 2 07/25/18

Add option to list rather than relist.

LISTOMAX 3.42 beta 1 07/24/18

Rewrite exporting stock to other account.
Fix divide-by-zero when selection does not overlap image.
Delete stockimage that was added then deleted.
Fix R.Click Delete in description editor.
Supply postal code even when shipping is not calculated.

LISTOMAX 3.41 06/16/18

Re-enable file tracing, remove diagnostics.

LISTOMAX 3.41 beta 4,5 06/14/18

Disable file tracing, add different diagnostics.

LISTOMAX 3.41 beta 3 06/12/18

Remove diagnostics.

LISTOMAX 3.41 beta 2 06/11/18

Add more diagnostics.

LISTOMAX 3.41 beta 1 06/11/18

Delete invalid categories file.
Add diagnostics to track startup.

LISTOMAX 3.40 06/04/18

Fix listing failures caused by tightening of return policy XML.

LISTOMAX 3.40 beta 3 06/02/18

RESTORE return policy.
Remove deprecated field RestockingFeeValueOption causing warning 21920200.

LISTOMAX 3.40 beta 2 06/01/18

HACK OUT database conversion.
HACK OUT return policy.

LISTOMAX 3.40 beta 1 05/05/18

Add copying of stock from a second eBay account.
Ignore case of extension when searching for templates.

LISTOMAX 3.39 beta 4 03/28/18

Compact the config info periodically.

LISTOMAX 3.39 beta 1 02/16/18

Change from dbhash to semidbm.
After cloning, just the cloned item should be selected.
Fix Find Again.
Improve recovery of corrupt database.

LISTOMAX 3.38 12/05/17

Avoid (harmless) 21919136 error when getting eBay fees.

LISTOMAX 3.37 11/29/17

No change.

LISTOMAX 3.37 beta 6 11/29/17

Add code signing to the executable.

LISTOMAX 3.37 beta 5 11/27/17

First character of error report email was being obscured.
Fix link to other selling items (our gallery).

LISTOMAX 3.37 beta 4 11/16/17

Make 3 attempts to upload each image to Ebay Picture Services.

LISTOMAX 3.37 beta 3 11/15/17

Change the hints about eBay gallery picture.

LISTOMAX 3.37 beta 2 11/13/17

Add hints about eBay gallery picture.

LISTOMAX 3.37 beta 1 11/12/17

Add pictures to eBay picture gallery.

LISTOMAX 3.36 10/22/17

Change template domain to use working HTTPS.

LISTOMAX 3.35 10/21/17

Change templates to use HTTPS.

LISTOMAX 3.34 10/19/17

No change.

LISTOMAX 3.34 beta 1 10/18/17

Use HTTPS for image access.

LISTOMAX 3.33 10/11/17

Change template Listomax logo to conform to eBay requirements.

LISTOMAX 3.33 beta 3 08/13/17

Fix problem of categories being larger than maximum integer.

LISTOMAX 3.33 beta 2 08/13/17

Shorten the housekeeping needed before deleting inventory.

LISTOMAX 3.33 beta 1 08/09/17

Turbo Lister import: handle foreign postcodes.
Turbo Lister import: improve parsing of bad HTML.

LISTOMAX 3.32 07/11/17

Roll back eBay compatibility level to avoid eBay item specifics failure.

LISTOMAX 3.32 beta 2 07/07/17

Add option to disable item specifics caching for a session.

LISTOMAX 3.32 beta 1 06/30/17

Enable supersize for ebay image at top of listing.
Fix "Clean Green" template layout problem when no gallery in use.

LISTOMAX 3.31 06/12/17

No change.

LISTOMAX 3.31 beta 5 06/05/17

Strengthen Turbo Lister HTML parsing.

LISTOMAX 3.31 beta 4 06/04/17

Make sure old image selection is not used.
Stop warning message 12518 : Insurance option has been turned off.
Fix Turbo Lister import problem with BuyerRequirementDetails.

LISTOMAX 3.31 beta 3 05/26/17

Remove empty item specifics when listing.

LISTOMAX 3.31 beta 2 05/25/17

Show value of item specifics when set for a listing.

LISTOMAX 3.31 beta 1 04/24/17

Fix potential crash when deleting multiple stock items.
Add experimental support for Turbo Lister import.
Avoid "missing PayPal" message when first listing.

LISTOMAX 3.30 04/16/17

Change method of determing which shipping options are international.

LISTOMAX 3.30 beta 5 04/06/17

Add support for additional shipping cost for multiple items.

LISTOMAX 3.30 beta 4 04/05/17

Fix wrong data type on imported items.

LISTOMAX 3.30 beta 3 04/05/17

Remember auction type for new listings.
Favor UPC/ISBN over product code for new listings.

LISTOMAX 3.30 beta 2 02/23/17

Stop warning message 12518 : Insurance option has been turned off.

LISTOMAX 3.30 beta 1 12/04/16

Add detailed product information from eBay's catalog to your listing.

LISTOMAX 3.29 07/25/16

Maximum weight for 1st Class Mail parcels raised to 16 oz.

LISTOMAX 3.29 beta 4 04/05/16

Handle characters like "&" correctly in Location.

LISTOMAX 3.29 beta 3 10/03/16

Handle unicode titles when importing.

LISTOMAX 3.29 beta 2 09/03/16

Avoid terminating import early.

LISTOMAX 3.29 beta 1 11/20/15

Avoid repeating file names in error message.
Handle obsolete categories differently.

LISTOMAX 3.28 11/03/15

No change.

LISTOMAX 3.28 beta 5

Item Specifics error highlighted the label, not the field.

LISTOMAX 3.28 beta 4 08/10/15

Accept 'does not apply' for 'mandatory' UPC code.
Handle orientation flg in jpg images.

LISTOMAX 3.28 beta 3 06/28/15

Support new mandatory product codes.

LISTOMAX 3.28 beta 2 06/15/15

Fix list error.

LISTOMAX 3.28 beta 1 06/15/15

When listing, always put the description back in the inventory item.
Temporary hack to compensate for above issue.

LISTOMAX 3.27 05/26/15

Handle characters like "&" correctly in Condition Description.

LISTOMAX 3.26 beta 4 05/14/15

When adding item, unselect all others.
Fix problem causing item to sporadically become unlisted.
Remove diagnostic code.

LISTOMAX 3.26 beta 3 05/11/15

Add diagnostic code.

LISTOMAX 3.26 beta 2 05/06/15

Add diagnostic code.

LISTOMAX 3.26 beta 1 03/22/15

Support for uploading images for multiple items.

LISTOMAX 3.25 01/02/15

No changes from beta 2.

LISTOMAX 3.25 beta 2 12/30/14

Add additional DB check and cleanup on load.

LISTOMAX 3.25 beta 1 11/26/14

Modify templates to work better on mobile devices.

LISTOMAX 3.24 11/17/14

Minor UI tweaks.

LISTOMAX 3.24 beta 6 11/12/14

Supply image list to the image server differently to avoid size problem with large number of images.

LISTOMAX 3.24 beta 5 11/02/14

Add the ability to resize the inventory edit window.

LISTOMAX 3.24 beta 4 10/23/14

Code to remove a sold item from display did not handle multi-selection.

LISTOMAX 3.24 beta 3 10/22/14

Saved items were not retaining their status, but being reclassified as unsold.

LISTOMAX 3.24 beta 2 10/21/14

Recognize .jpeg files.
Add option to set listing interval for bulk listing.

LISTOMAX 3.24 beta 1 10/19/14

Add support for bulk listing, relisting and deletion.
Scheduled listings were ignored unless Listomax was closed then reopened.

LISTOMAX 3.23 10/06/14

No changes from 3.23b1.

LISTOMAX 3.23 beta 1 09/24/14

Stock deletion was not deleting images from server.
Code to check eBay fees did not always send full details to eBay.
Support condition description.

LISTOMAX 3.22 09/16/14

When item was revised and duration was changed, end time was not updated.

LISTOMAX 3.22 beta 4 09/14/14

Improve feedback for eBay fees.
Tighten the listing wizard test for relisting.

LISTOMAX 3.22 beta 3 09/13/14

CanRelist check was wrong.
Add information about eBay fees.

LISTOMAX 3.22 beta 2 09/12/14

Add information about eBay fees; it's a work in progress.
Remove diagnostics for window display problem.
Add setting to control window display problem.

LISTOMAX 3.22 beta 1 09/10/14

Add diagnostics for window display problem.

LISTOMAX 3.21 09/07/14

Fix error for new user.

LISTOMAX 3.20 09/07/14

No changes.

LISTOMAX 3.20 beta 5 09/05/14

Add database error checking on initial load.
Reliability improvements.

LISTOMAX 3.20 beta 4 08/28/14

Make images larger and allow value to be changed.
Enlarge the edit field for stock text.
Enlarge the edit field for stock images.
Ensure windows are fully on-screen.

LISTOMAX 3.20 beta 3 08/27/14

Change importing to get more details.
Do not allow active inventory to be deleted.

LISTOMAX 3.20 beta 2 08/22/14

Import stats confused "added" and "changed".

LISTOMAX 3.20 beta 1 08/21/14

Import existing eBay listings.

LISTOMAX 3.16 beta 1 08/12/14

Avoid relist failure when original listing failed.
Avoid warning message about eBay return policy on foreign sites.

LISTOMAX 3.15 08/04/14

Improve relist algorithm.

LISTOMAX 3.15 beta 3 07/22/14

Fix Revise Item, broken by previous beta.

LISTOMAX 3.15 beta 2 07/21/14

Change URL for viewing listing so lines are not cramped.
Check that Buy It Now price is at least 30% above Auction price.
Add option to save listing for later submission to eBay.

LISTOMAX 3.15 beta 1 07/09/14

Improve hints about private notes.
Preview description correctly after editing stock item.
Support restocking fee.
Allow more than the default 25 values for item specifics.

LISTOMAX 3.14 03/24/14

No changes.

LISTOMAX 3.14 beta 1 03/15/14

Set up timers for new users correctly.
Add support for Global Shipping Program.

LISTOMAX 3.13 02/19/14

Remember last condition on a per-category basis.

LISTOMAX 3.13 beta 2 02/09/14

Ensure flat rate costs are validated.
Country code set wrongly on reauthorisation, should be GB not UK.
Add socket timeout.

LISTOMAX 3.13 beta 1 02/03/14

Catch missing relist entries.

LISTOMAX 3.12 12/17/13

Ensure eBay gallery pic is valid on a relist.

LISTOMAX 3.11 11/27/13

No changes.

LISTOMAX 3.11 beta 5 11/26/13

Restrict listing durations request to a single category to limit xml size.

LISTOMAX 3.11 beta 4 11/25/13

Extend waiting time for retrieving listing durations EVEN MORE. Report error.

LISTOMAX 3.11 beta 3 11/24/13

Extend waiting time for retrieving listing durations.

LISTOMAX 3.11 beta 2 11/15/13

Select correct site on reauthorisation.
Remove '$' from price in gallery.

LISTOMAX 3.11 beta 1 10/02/13

Add gap between images and text for "Peachy Lace: images at left" template.
Improve display of eBay error messages.
Support local delivery on Australian and Canadian eBay sites.
Update eBay compatibility level to 841.

LISTOMAX 3.10 09/05/13

Fix Options dialog only working once.

LISTOMAX 3.09 08/16/13

No change.

LISTOMAX 3.09 beta 2 08/05/13

Block deletion of inventory item while other activity is taking place.
Rewrite pubsub to build on Windows 8.

LISTOMAX 3.09 beta 1 05/30/13

Improve GetSellerTransactions handling.

LISTOMAX 3.08 05/28/13

Fix problem with certain store categories.

LISTOMAX 3.07 05/27/13

No change.

LISTOMAX 3.07 beta 2 05/10/13

Avoid AttributeError when revising pending item.
Avoid crash when checking spelling from list wizard.

LISTOMAX 3.07 beta 1 05/09/13

When less than 10 listings, always show sold items.

LISTOMAX 3.06 04/13/13

Add extra templates.
Change template names.
Show templates in alphabetical order with current selection at top.
Fix listwiz construction problem: cannot send messages to unconstructed pages.
Improve export abilities and update help.

LISTOMAX 3.06 beta 1 04/05/13

Fix race condition in listing wizard.

LISTOMAX 3.05 03/27/13

Add ability to update store categories.

LISTOMAX 3.05 beta 1 03/20/13

Use kilograms for international eBay sites.

LISTOMAX 3.04 beta 2 03/19/13

Use smaller category screen on computers with small displays.
Fix race condition in listing wizard.
Fix spellcheck problem.

LISTOMAX 3.04 beta 1 02/25/13

Use correct gallery link on non-US sites.

LISTOMAX 3.03 01/21/13

Update tax tables.
Shade the background of empty Return Policy options to indicate not required.
Avoid sending empty Return Policy fields.

LISTOMAX 3.03 beta 2 12/04/12

Several fixes for multiple-quantity relistings.
Add more information in Help.

LISTOMAX 3.03 beta 1 12/02/12

When revising a listing with quantity > 1, ask for quantity on hand.

LISTOMAX 3.02 11/28/12

Fix error listing with USPS First Class Letter.
When revising item, include image changes made to stock item.

LISTOMAX 3.01 11/21/12

Ignore corrupt config file when selecting user.
Handle corrupt global data in support program.
Make sure lock file is always deleted at exit.
Listing duration not changed when changing auction type.
Add FTP tips, change visual order.

LISTOMAX 3.01 beta 1 11/18/12

Add duration diagnostics.

LISTOMAX 3.00 11/12/12

Fix gallery picture problem when cloning.

LISTOMAX 3.00 beta 2 10/26/12

Don't prompt registered user with own hosting to renew.

LISTOMAX 3.00 beta 1 10/22/12

Avoid showing newsfeed when adding a new user.
Update price hints in listing wizard.
Remove currency option.
Add support for eBay Canada, UK and Australia.

LISTOMAX 2.02 beta 1 10/06/12

Add check for image deletion problem.

LISTOMAX 2.01 10/02/12

No changes.

LISTOMAX 2.01 beta 3 09/24/12

Add support for EPS - Ebay Picture Storage.

LISTOMAX 2.01 beta 2 09/06/12

Fix ProductID UPC problem.

LISTOMAX 2.01 beta 1 08/02/12

Add Minumum Inventory Number field to support use on multiple machines.

LISTOMAX 2.00 06/25/12

Add "Plain" template.
Double-click on template to preview it.

LISTOMAX 2.00 beta 2 05/18/12

Add templates "Circuit board", "Peachy Lace", "Vintage".
Use Product ID not Brand + MPN for product details.

LISTOMAX 2.00 beta 1 05/6/12

Add support for ISBN, UPC and Brand + MPN.
Detect invalid categories.
Convert old categories to their new equivalents.

LISTOMAX 1.85 02/10/12

eBay does not always follow Error 240 immediately with a colon.
Fix template preview in startup wizard.
Remove trace info that tracked the (re)authorization process.
Add "Clouds 1" template.

LISTOMAX 1.85 beta 2 01/29/12

Check that re-authorisation is done for the current user.
Account selection dlg could pick wrong account.

LISTOMAX 1.85 beta 1 01/16/12

Add trace info to track the (re)authorization process.

LISTOMAX 1.84 11/11/11

Fix transient failure to handle 80-character titles

LISTOMAX 1.83 09/04/11

Fix NoShipping problem for new users.

LISTOMAX 1.82 08/29/11

Fix update failure when new page showing.
Fix changes report.

LISTOMAX 1.81 08/26/11

Try to ensure template-preview item has images.
Include config file in backup.
Remove checkbox for foreign sellers.
Use 80-character titles starting on September 6th.

LISTOMAX 1.80 07/06/11

Avoid tagging Error 240 as one that Listomax should have handled better.

LISTOMAX 1.80 beta 3 06/20/11

Revised images were not being uploaded.
Remove power seller reference.
Restore background gallery thread.

LISTOMAX 1.80 beta 2 06/19/11

Add news service.

LISTOMAX 1.80 beta 1 06/15/11

Support eBay item specifics.

LISTOMAX 1.74 05/07/11

Change thumbnails after editing inventory.
Show changed picture when replacing inventory pictures.

LISTOMAX 1.73 05/04/11

Expand help for error 240.

LISTOMAX 1.73 beta 9 03/23/11

Support program: Add capability of selecting backup file.

LISTOMAX 1.73 beta 8 03/19/11

Package type validation could be incorrect on relist.

LISTOMAX 1.73 beta 7 03/15/11

Support program: Ignore lock file when Listomax died on this machine.
Support program: Add warning and info message boxes for Revert.
Select correct inventory item when using Next/Prev during editing.
Change method of setting up initial data.
Deleting inventory item could fail when Listomax was closed immediately after.

LISTOMAX 1.73 beta 6 03/07/11

Improve and generalise image caching.

LISTOMAX 1.73 beta 5 03/06/11

Cache images in several places for better performance.

LISTOMAX 1.73 beta 4 03/03/11

Add package dimensions.
Tweak layouts slightly.
Make changes to support OS X.
Upgrade to Python 2.6.
Support program: add unlock option.

LISTOMAX 1.73 beta 3 02/11/11

Reduce height of listing wizard still more.

LISTOMAX 1.73 beta 2 02/02/11

Reduce height of listing wizard by using two columns for item condition.
Add warning when no selection for clone request.
Do not allow revision of description or images after a bid has been placed.

LISTOMAX 1.73 beta 1 01/05/11

Support program: Disable location button when DB in use.
Avoid over-writing lock file when in use by another program.
Add support for CSV.

LISTOMAX 1.72 01/03/11

Fix spurious multiple-use problem.
Show correct image after deleting an image from inventory.

LISTOMAX 1.71 01/02/11

No change.

LISTOMAX 1.71 beta 3 12/31/10

Treat list request for a listed item as a revise request (with prompt.)
Add support for Best Offer.

LISTOMAX 1.71 beta 2 12/26/10

Keep focus on control when deleting stock item.
Improve stand-alone support program.

LISTOMAX 1.71 beta 1 12/24/10

Show amended description etc. in listing preview; add preview at end.
Add stand-alone support program.
Do not remove service when service is incompatible with weight or package type.

LISTOMAX 1.70 12/21/10

Add information about use of multiple computers to help.
Avoid possible hang when revising an item.

LISTOMAX 1.70 beta 1 12/02/10

Support use of data from multiple computers.
Show error message when Grant Permission request fails.

LISTOMAX 1.65 beta 2 11/12/10

Add template preview button to listing wizard.
Enter key edits inventory item.
Make item condition in listing wizard sticky.

LISTOMAX 1.65 beta 1 11/11/10

Add Christmas template.
Avoid "expired" message at startup when using own FTP account.
Show size in photo view dialog.
Make restore process more robust.
Bring state tax rates up to date.
Speed up scrolling though inventory.

LISTOMAX 1.64 11/07/10

Ignore unsupported shipping services.
Place cursor at end of list wizard description.
Avoid 1-hour scheduling error on day when DST changes.
Avoid locking error under certain circumstances after relisting.
Add email field to error report.
Add Christmas template.

LISTOMAX 1.63 10/24/10

Hosting expiration warnings were not being shown.
Fix spurious locking problem when deleting inventory item.
Add templates.

LISTOMAX 1.62 10/11/10

No change.

LISTOMAX 1.62 beta 6 09/22/10

Fix locking problem with buyer database.

LISTOMAX 1.62 beta 5 09/21/10

Fix locking problem when item expires.

LISTOMAX 1.62 beta 4 09/19/10

Remove option of adding Powerseller logo to comply with new eBay rule.
Avoid table being locked by exception.

LISTOMAX 1.62 beta 3 09/13/10

Add record copying.
Replace table locking with record locking.
Remove "Sold outside eBay" option.
Run expired checks in background.

LISTOMAX 1.62 beta 2 08/29/10

Check start time exists for existing uploading listings.

LISTOMAX 1.62 beta 1 08/29/10

Set start time when listing so that OnTimerExpired can kill a stuck listing.
Othe minor cleanup.

LISTOMAX 1.61 08/17/10

Fix problem constructing db for new users.

LISTOMAX 1.60 08/16/10

No change

LISTOMAX 1.60 beta 2 07/25/10

Add missing fields to sqlite db before converting.
Add -u option, restore -d option.

LISTOMAX 1.60 beta 1 07/25/10

Update to new database.

LISTOMAX 1.55 07/22/10

No change.

LISTOMAX 1.55 beta 1 07/21/10

Remove background threads for some timer events.

LISTOMAX 1.54 07/12/10

No changes.

LISTOMAX 1.54 beta 7 07/10/10

Handle db error when deleting image.

LISTOMAX 1.54 beta 6 07/10/10

Reduce delay at startup.

LISTOMAX 1.54 beta 5 07/07/10

Fix error uploading images via ftp.
Remove duplicate UnshowStatus call.
Add support for Item Condition.

LISTOMAX 1.54 beta 4 06/27/10

Handle crash when clock is set back significantly.

LISTOMAX 1.54 beta 3 06/25/10

Perform image checks in background.

LISTOMAX 1.54 beta 2 06/21/10

Copy and rename photo immediately upon adding it to inventory item.
Do not create .bak file when editing photos.

LISTOMAX 1.54 beta 1 06/17/10

Add command-line option to fix (normalize) locations of images.

LISTOMAX 1.53 06/13/10

Fix KeyError tracebacks caused by singleton code.

LISTOMAX 1.52 06/02/10

Change help to show immediate payment on screenshot.

LISTOMAX 1.52 beta 5 06/02/10

Force pickup of immediate payment information.

LISTOMAX 1.52 beta 4 05/24/10

Add immediate payment.
If another copy is running, wake up the running copy.
Avoid requiring a state to be selected if shipping from abroad.

LISTOMAX 1.52 beta 3 04/19/10

Revising an item would cause eBay Error 37 when payment options could no longer be changed.
Remove cash etc. from default payment policy.
Add a warning when payment policy contains cash etc.
Avoid a reinstallation overwriting images from the previous installation.

LISTOMAX 1.52 beta 2 04/12/10

Ensure multiple drag-and-drop images are sorted.
Fix crash in photo editing when hitting ESC during cropping.
Reverse payment changes hack.
Extend the overlap of GetSellerTransactions to reduce risk of missing "Sold" transactions.

LISTOMAX 1.52 beta 1 03/17/10

Next/Prev to stock item with no images left previous stock item's image showing.
Allow customized title for hints.
Show inventory number when adding new inventory.
Show item/listing count when reloading or changing tab.
temp: hack out payment changes on revise

LISTOMAX 1.51 02/18/10

No change.

LISTOMAX 1.51 beta 3 02/16/10

Avoid unnecessary actions on timer.

LISTOMAX 1.51 beta 2 02/15/10

Windows cannot create a folder with a trailing period.
Remember last flat-cost values.
Some values in the listing wizard were not being set.
Use simpler update mechanism that works with Vista.

LISTOMAX 1.51 beta 1 12/16/09

Handle file errors when displaying template.

LISTOMAX 1.50 12/06/09

Update help.

LISTOMAX 1.47 beta 4 12/06/09

Remove limit on size of status queue as it blocked when many image threads ran.
Add a mutex round all db access. This stops threads from hitting the sqlite
lock and hanging until the lock delay times out.
Shuffle ftp code somewhat to reduce the time db connections are held.
Return error from ScaleImage.
Try/except in _uploadImages.

LISTOMAX 1.47 beta 3 12/01/09

Missing wx.GetApp() in restore.
Remove border, featured and highlight listing options - they are no longer offered by eBay.

LISTOMAX 1.47 beta 2 11/06/09

Fix Help > Register.
Handle existing accounts correctly when installing on a new machine.

LISTOMAX 1.47 beta 1 10/29/09

Add support for Moneybookers, Paymate and ProPay.

LISTOMAX 1.46 10/22/09

No change.

LISTOMAX 1.46 beta 5 10/21/09

Add "End listing" button.
Fix problem with cloned pending listings.
eBay has relaxed its constraints on editing the description.

LISTOMAX 1.46 beta 4 10/14/09

Handle template decoding better.

LISTOMAX 1.46 beta 3 10/12/09

Make unicode encoding more tolerant

LISTOMAX 1.46 beta 2 10/07/09

Raise image limit from 1200 to 3600
Add support for ending listings

LISTOMAX 1.46 beta 1 10/01/09

For initial installation, preview templates correctly.
For initial installation, show logo in template preview and upload it after creating database.
Show/hide package costs. Why was this removed?
Recognise authorisation failure in all cases and handle in application.

LISTOMAX 1.45 09/14/09

Delete scheduled listing when making List Now request
Fix problem printing non-ASCII characters

LISTOMAX 1.44 08/28/09

No change

LISTOMAX 1.44 beta 2 08/13/09

Packaging choices come from eBay rather than precoded
Shipping options vary according to flat/calculated
Shipping/packaging validity comes from eBay rather than precoded

LISTOMAX 1.44 beta 1 08/11/09

Avoid possible spurious MOCC error
Do not send incorrect International Insurance Details

LISTOMAX 1.43 08/06/09

No change

LISTOMAX 1.43 beta 3 08/05/09

Remove shipping insurance options

LISTOMAX 1.43 beta 2 06/15/09

Disable payment options that do not apply to the listing category
Amend description when revising if standard text changed after listing started

LISTOMAX 1.43 beta 1 06/08/09

Remove obsolete Import button
Look for optional message when assembling error information

LISTOMAX 1.42 05/22/09

Force upload of all images

LISTOMAX 1.41 04/06/09

Missing imports caused Restore to fail
Make Revise recognise change in gallery status
Gallery could pick up wrong price for fixed-price and store items

LISTOMAX 1.40 02/18/09

For image editing, support rubber-banding when initial click is outside the dlg window
Show hourglass while cloning a stock item
Return error from _uploadImages if terminated by app closing
Avoid reporting eBay error if app closing, as it blocks app from closing completely
Fix problem of not recognising listed items when cloned item and 2nd listing started before 1st listing completes

LISTOMAX 1.39 01/04/09

Remove Import capability
Stop manual change to SOLD being reversed

LISTOMAX 1.38 12/08/08

Update inventory from listing by default

LISTOMAX 1.38 beta 2 12/03/08

Hack around eBay problem with "*" in URLs

LISTOMAX 1.38 beta 1 12/02/08

Handle invalid filename chars in eBay ID

LISTOMAX 1.37 11/20/08

Show buyers for deleted listings

LISTOMAX 1.36 10/20/08

Allow Revise Item for pending listings
Improve validation of options
Fix double-spacing problem in listing descriptions
Use shipping options when shipping from abroad to avoid error 21915469

LISTOMAX 1.35 10/12/08

Avoid hang at exit under certain circumstances

LISTOMAX 1.34 10/12/08

Fill in Buy It Now when switching to Fixed-price or Store

LISTOMAX 1.33 10/03/08

Inactivate fields if No Returns
Line wrap Return Description
Help file changes

LISTOMAX 1.33 beta 3 10/02/08

Add support for return policy
Add support for maximum handling time

LISTOMAX 1.33 beta 1 08/22/08

Block spellcheck replacements with non-ASCII characters
Tweak database usage
Avoid transient "Fail" states by extending time allowed for uploading

LISTOMAX 1.32 08/11/08

Fix RegisterDlg prompt to always appear when required
Fix failure when listing scheduled AND Listomax was closed and reopened AND eBay error

LISTOMAX 1.32.5 08/04/08

Tweak hint dialog layout
Rewrite image editing to work on Mac
Add help for certain common eBay errors and warnings

LISTOMAX 1.32.4 07/30/08

Fix resizing
Fix re-authorization
Reconfigure Options slightly to fit on Mac
Improve inventory caption

LISTOMAX 1.32 beta 3 07/23/08

Fix problem with single-quote in Item Specifics values

LISTOMAX 1.32 beta 2 07/21/08

Avoid possible transient 'Failed' state after posting
Fix Item Specifics failure when "&" in title
Fix delay from GetSellerTransactions?

LISTOMAX 1.32 beta 1 07/17/08

Cache item specifics for 7 days
Keep track of custom item specifics

LISTOMAX 1.31 07/14/08

No change

LISTOMAX 1.31 beta 1 07/06/08

Logo was not uploaded when setting up new user

LISTOMAX 1.30 07/04/08

Improve DB performance

LISTOMAX 1.30 beta 4 06/21/08

Retry not always working
Only upload images if they are not already on the server

LISTOMAX 1.30 beta 2 06/17/08

Listing IDs were not sequential
Check that program does not start up off-screen due to monitor configuration changing
Change shipping screen to use less space

LISTOMAX 1.30 beta 1 06/11/08

Convert database to SQLite
Last change to buyer dialog was not saved
Check for duplicate descriptions in Custom Item Specifics
When category was changed during single use of list wizard, Custom Item Specifics values from earlier category could be retained
Use selected template in preview

LISTOMAX 1.24 05/25/08

No changes

LISTOMAX 1.24 beta 2 05/24/08

Add International Site Visibility
Stores may not use 2nd category
Disable Reserve Price for Fixed Price and Store

LISTOMAX 1.24 beta 1 05/23/08

Add diagnostics to detect stock/listing discrepancy

LISTOMAX 1.23 05/21/08

Pick up correct state when foreign FTP
Fill in payment policies correctly now we're using rich text

LISTOMAX 1.22 05/13/08

Fix startup problem when logo image not selected

LISTOMAX 1.21 05/12/08

Fix problem with "&" in item specifics

LISTOMAX 1.20 05/11/08

Add item specifics to help
Add email support to help menu

LISTOMAX 1.20 beta 1 05/09/08

Limit length of item specifics value
Allow store categories to be active for auctions (again!)
Add timeout for "uploading" state

LISTOMAX 1.18 beta 1 05/07/08

Support for custom item specifics

LISTOMAX 1.17 05/05/08

No changes

LISTOMAX 1.17 beta 1 05/01/08

Improve startup time
Avoid delay detecting SOLD
Add SUBTITLE, START_PRICE and WEIGHT keys for templates
Allow uploading of logo when setting up new account, and avoid rename failure

LISTOMAX 1.16 04/25/08

Avoid error when cancelling from multi-user startup

LISTOMAX 1.16 beta 2 04/24/08

Simplify the listing process

LISTOMAX 1.16 beta 1 04/18/08

Make store categories [in]active at appropriate times
When checking for updates, offer a link to view the changes
Support HTML in policies
sitepost etc.

LISTOMAX 1.15 04/11/08

Improve the update process
Select templates on a per-listing basis

LISTOMAX 1.14 04/03/08

Fix image browse problem
Upload of missing images was incorrect

LISTOMAX 1.13 04/01/08

International shipping costs not set up properly for new installs

LISTOMAX 1.12 04/01/08

Add sort indicators
Add icons for listing type

LISTOMAX 1.12 beta 1 03/31/08

Select 1st photo in list wizard so Edit button always works
Remove requirement that find string be lower-case
Avoid long words in gallery titles overflowing into next image
Improve status reporting during import
Block relisting of active items
Make "View Larger Picture" actually do so
Remove lower-casing of title
Change inventory column header
Differentiate between domestic and international S+H costs

LISTOMAX 1.11 03/26/08

Add Two Blue template

LISTOMAX 1.11 beta 4 03/25/08

Put blank line between description and default text
In buyer dlg, show end date, sort price correctly
Avoid delay detecting SOLD when sniping software used
Fix shipping failures under certain conditions when no Int'l options chosen

LISTOMAX 1.10 03/17/08

Remove diagnostic code

LISTOMAX 1.10 beta 5 03/17/08 (internal)

HTML spelling fixes

LISTOMAX 1.10 beta 4 03/16/08 (internal)

Add help info re: inserting HTML into listings
Add htmlctrl dump

LISTOMAX 1.10 beta 3 03/10/08

Add mechanism for inserting HTML into listings

LISTOMAX 1.10 beta 2 03/03/08

Add fonts and colors to Standard Text
Update screenshots in help

LISTOMAX 1.10 beta 1 02/28/08

Add support for fonts and colors
Show correct image usage in "About" window

LISTOMAX 1.06 02/24/08

Hack around eBay problem preventing gallery thumbnails from displaying

LISTOMAX 1.05 02/20/08

Always select gallery option (and remove from UI) as it is now free
Preview listing using inventory description, not listing description
Tweak tables to add some mailing restrictions
Update current price along with hit count

LISTOMAX 1.04 02/06/08

Fix problem with supersizing for clean green template
Use tabs not spaces in error report to save space
Allow Revise Item to delete reserve price

LISTOMAX 1.03 02/01/08

Fix problem of cloned listing sometimes being marked as Sold

LISTOMAX 1.02 01/08/08

No changes

LISTOMAX 1.02 beta 3 01/08/08 (internal)

Avoid possible hang at exit

LISTOMAX 1.01 01/05/08

sitepost etc.

LISTOMAX 1.01 beta 3 01/04/08

Fix possible failure to reload details
Make category sort case-insensitive (and faster)
Adding template logo failed if original file named "logo"
Hits and watchers not always being updated
Revising title did not revise description
Avoid inserting non-ASCII chars in (sub)title/desc; they are not compatible with HTML
Images for new user were being placed in parent until Options was run
Kill threads when switching users
Tweak the KillThreads status messages
Add eBay warnings into trace
Catch exceptions in image upload thread
Use ShippingServiceAdditionalCost when flat rate and qty > 1 -- avoids warning 219026

LISTOMAX 1.01 beta 2 12/20/07

Honor carriage returns in description
Add Backup and Restore

LISTOMAX 1.01 beta 1 12/08/07 (internal)

Add support to allow non-US users to list on US eBay site
Upload missing images 10 at a time to lessen resource usage

LISTOMAX 1.0 11/17/07

No changes

LISTOMAX 0.65.1 11/9/07

Add flat-rate shipping
Add insurance choices

LISTOMAX 0.64.1 10/31/07 -- the Halloween release!

Give supersized images their own page
Template preview could fail for newly installed Listomax

LISTOMAX 0.63.1 10/22/07

Always start, even if account expired, offline, etc.
Do not fail server check if foreign host
Check for errors when uploading images
Do not block application when revising an item

LISTOMAX 0.62.1 10/18/07

Remove single queue for FTP; instead, return results to caller
Stop revisions from changing the duration of a listing
Add sitepost

LISTOMAX 0.61.1 10/9/07

Listing a cloned stock item would show it as a relist if the original item had been listed
Use Good 'Til Cancelled as the default duration for store listings
Add right-click menu for column changes even when no listing item selected

LISTOMAX 0.60.1 9/21/07

Enhance the Listomax link
Don't report errors if hitcount requests fail
Tweak the stock dialog layout

LISTOMAX 0.59.1 9/5/07

Show ERR_COLOR for more validation failures
Stop setting default weight to 4 oz.
Fix images not being uploaded
Make image uploading more resilient
Only show thumbnail when an image exists

LISTOMAX 0.58.1 8/30/07

Fix "File in use" problem on Windows 2000
Use durations on a per-site basis
Avoid adding Days_1 more than once
Hide filters until > 10 items and some listed.
Add diagnostics for Windows 2000 Professional Options problem
Fix possible "File in use" startup problem on Windows 2000
Text tweaks
Send error report to support@listomax.com via server
Add semaphore to limit the number of simultaneous eBay calls
Remove css, add alternate templates

LISTOMAX 0.57.1 8/23/07

Add checkboxes for Listing Type
Can revise Buy It Now at start
Must not revise Start Price for fixed-price items

LISTOMAX 0.56.1 8/22/07

Expand report to include databases
Adding images in listwiz was not renaming them
Ensure store images do not expire
Shut down quicker
Fix listing crash -- siteID in user config, not in globals
Tweaked menus slightly
Removed non-working &Underscores from stockpanel buttons
Activate Revise Live
Add column for listing type
Fix problem when adding image after deleting one

LISTOMAX 0.55.1 8/19/07

Fix bid count
Add Revise Live (WIP, UI not active)

LISTOMAX 0.54.1 8/14/07

Clone stock item

LISTOMAX 0.53.1 8/12/07

Make "Add Next" handle gaps in sequence, as it used to do
Don't dump data on remoteserver error - can be large binary image
Fix wrong item being selected after column sort
TransferFromWindow() did not call .strip()-- could pass invalid data to eBay
Trace must handle unicode else it will fail, causing hitcounts to be missed
Handle problem with large number (4+) of simultaneous eBay requests
Support all shipping options

LISTOMAX 0.52.1 8/02/07

Add help
Report storecat failures
Avoid problem of "another instance running" when updating to new version
Avoid Update dlg appearing the very first time
Always show listing hint
Always allow hints to be turned off
Always show options hint page (was hidden for beginners)

LISTOMAX 0.51.1 7/27/07

categories working correctly

LISTOMAX 0.50.2 7/27/07

Tweak category and storecat downloads; add diags; internal version only

LISTOMAX 0.50.1 7/26/07

Use categories and details on a per-site basis
Tweak menus
Add ebay hit counters
Add report option
Make store categories work
Add support for 2nd store category
Use store categories even for auction items

LISTOMAX 0.42.1 not released

Remove requirement for leading zero on fractional decimal inputs
Add a "List Later" button instead of reusing the "Schedule" button

LISTOMAX 0.41.1 7/16/07

Use SAX not minidom to parse categories
Add option to return ebay data as XML (used above)

LISTOMAX 0.40.2 7/14/07

HTML encoding problems

LISTOMAX 0.40.1 7/13/07

Keep details on a per-user basis
Handle multiple ebay sites (though hidden from user)
Rearrange the pages of infowiz as a result of above
Defer loading of details until site is selected

LISTOMAX 0.33.1 7/8/07

Fix loss of stock edit changes to a relisted item
Listomax update was failing because install name was wrong
Change look of about dlg
Add gbl site ID, though barely used, and it may move
i18n work -- prices are different for UK site

LISTOMAX 0.32.1 6/15/07

Hack so existing users pick up a valid css file
Pick up css results

LISTOMAX 0.31.1 6/15/07

Add Secondary Category
Change layout of listingdlg
Fix problem of all shipping options being used

LISTOMAX 0.30.1 6/08/07

Extra validation for shipping options
Allow for rounding when checking for change of FTP file date
eBay store support

LISTOMAX 0.27.1 not released

Handle registration for multiple user accounts
Handle registration to extend image hosting
Fix watch count

LISTOMAX 0.26.1 5/04/07

Avoid deleting logo after 60 days!
Upload request for unchanged file was not updating the timestamp
Handle template failures better
Stop hitcounts code from locking out other activity
Add check for newer version
Change over to new USPS International mail types

LISTOMAX 0.25.1 4/30/07

Spellcheck the title as well as the description
Add hitcounts
Restore hits column
Improve GetCategories call
Minor UI changes

LISTOMAX 0.24.1 4/27/07

Lock database access to avoid corruption
Collect buyer details
Remove link button
Make hits column invisible by default as we don't currently update hits
Don't show Desc2Stock checkbox except when expert
Handle category failure better
Allow user to abort category progress dialog
Add spellchecker
Use Olive Branch Communications as company name

LISTOMAX 0.23.1 4/5/07

Fix crash at first use due to missing frame

LISTOMAX 0.22.1 3/27/07

Prefill location from sales tax state
Handle transparent images for template (rather inelegantly)
Default to template logo not wanted

LISTOMAX 0.21.1 3/22/07

Lock use of global to avoid threading corruption.

LISTOMAX 0.20.1 2/25/07

Add support for quantity (big change!)
Shuffle menus
Allow package handling costs to be 0
Remove hack to change status via keyboard
Make hints page more compact
Limit saving of trace files
Use the term "inventory" not "stock"
Use the term "options" not "prefs"
Handle token expiry
Automate OnRefresh

LISTOMAX 0.10.7 2/17/07

Make import only import since last time and get description
Shuffle menus
Delete listings when deleting stock item

LISTOMAX 0.10.6 2/15/07

Fix problem with transparent images (by updating PyInstaller so it uses a manifest)
Improve scheduledlg
Allow multiple file selection in stockdlg
Add fixed price auctions
Improve category error message
Add hints after first user and first item
Disable quantity temporarily
Remove weight from stock dlg
Stop multiple instances from running
Remove Refresh and Delete-listing icons
Fix Image Move types
Use std file dialog for browsing
Always pick a gallery image
Make size, condition and location only visible when selected by the user

LISTOMAX 0.10.5 2/6/07

Changed icons

LISTOMAX 0.10.4 2/3/07

Add fixed-price auction, but disable it -- ebay.py not ready
Fix problem of infowiz not setting template (V.bad at startup!)
Change the order of prefs tabs
Improve data validation in listwiz
Make stockdlg smaller
Remove filename from template page
Fix image copying: remove 'Nothing', fix wrong startup options
Fix misc imagebrowser problems
Show progress dialog when getting categories
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