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About us

Hi, we're Maude and Phil.

I started selling on eBay in June 2004, and have since become a Power Seller. I very quickly started using one of the monthly subscription web-based listing tools, and was spending between $25 and $35 every month, even in the months when I couldn't list on eBay.

In November 2005, Phil and I started selling on eBay together using a web-based tool. We found that aside from the high monthly costs, there were numerous other drawbacks: it took too long uploading the pictures, keeping track of which pictures went with which items was difficult, and it was generally unwieldy.

I'm a software developer. I wrote a program to keep track of our inventory and which photos belonged to which items. It worked great, and pretty soon, I added the capability to list on eBay, too.

Even at this early stage, it was obvious that this would be a useful tool for nearly every eBay seller, from eBay newcomers to Power Sellers.

We felt the monthly fees that the other tools charge were way too high for people who might not be selling month in and month out, so we made it a flat price and threw in a year of image hosting along with it. Just do the math - the one-time $99 fee equals less than four months of a typical listing service.

We use it on a daily basis, so we've become very attuned to what is needed. For instance, I like titles to be ALL IN CAPS, so there's a single button to do that. It sure beats using caps lock and then finding out the whole description has been capitalized, too!

Another example is inventory number. When an item was sold on eBay, we wanted to find the item in inventory easily, so we just added the inventory number to the eBay page in an inconspicuous location. Now it's a snap to find the item when we need to ship it.

There are lots of little features like that; the program works so well because it grew out of our daily needs. One of the most important things to me has been that you don't ever lose any of your information. All your sales and buyers, as well as your descriptions and photos, remain permanently available to you. I can go back and decide to list something I haven't sold from many months ago, and it's as easy as just pressing a button. Try that with a monthly service!

But don't take our word for it. Download a copy and try it free for 30 days yourself!

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